Millennium Message

January 2000

The new year, new century and new millennium are now upon us. So many people made vows, cherished ideals in their hearts of what the new Millennium would bring. I have been hearing – a lot more so recently than usual – a despair from many people, due to their perceived lack of ability to effect real change, due to their perceived helplessness and futility in this vast universe. Yet, I say “perceived lack of ability” and “perceived helplessness and futility,” because that is exactly what the problem is: an error in perception. God has graced us all with a very special, very unique and very significant role to play in this world, and we are neither helpless nor futile. 

Let me share a story with you:  

A famous orchestra was rehearsing in New York City before a major performance. This orchestra was one of the largest, most complex symphonies ever to play together. Hundreds and hundreds of musicians and singers came together under the leadership of one of the world’s most renowned conductors.  

This orchestra played as part of a famous ballet – as the music played, the dancers danced out a drama of great beauty.  

One night, the piccolo (a very small instrument you play with your mouth) player thought to himself, “what difference do I make anyway? I’m the smallest instrument here; my music is so soft you can barely here it in an empty room, let alone as part of a huge orchestra. What’s the point of practicing all the time, rehearsing all the time, working so hard, just to be another useless part of this orchestra?” So he decided to stop playing. The musician held the piccolo close to his mouth, so it would look like he was still playing. But, he did not play his instrument.  

Within moments the dance became confused; ballerinas who had danced the same ballet night after night suddenly lost their step. The audience could sense something was amiss and grew restless in their seats. The conductor immediately shouted, “Where is the piccolo?” 

We, too, may feel like the small piccolo at times – small and voiceless in a great ocean of other instruments, all of which seem more powerful than we are. However, each of us has been given a unique and significant role to play in the ballet of life. We may not be able to hear the sound of our own instrument, and thus we think we are insignificant. But, God, the great Conductor, hears all, sees all and knows all. He has put us in His orchestra and He is depending upon us to play our part. Let us all have renewed faith, renewed vigor and renewed enthusiasm for our invaluable, irreplaceable role in the beautiful dance of life. Let us vow to play our instrument – whatever we have been given – with as much devotion, as much commitment and as much zeal as we can. We are all crucial parts of God’s orchestra and He is listening with as much attention to the small piccolo as to the huge tuba. 







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