Clean, Green & Serene Environmental Programs

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In this urgent and noble program, IHRF is supporting the massive clean-up efforts to restore and protect Mother Ganga and the environment being led by Ganga Action Parivar.

Although we worship Her as mother, we throw our trash in her waters and on her ghats. We pollute the pathways running beside her current. Along the banks of Mother Ganga, from her origin in Gangotri all the way to her outlet in West Bengal, one can find trash lining her banks and filling her waters, sewage being dumped into her waters, and so much more.

In order to immediately remedy this situation and restore Mother Ganga to her rightful state of sublime beauty, IHRF is supporting a "Clean, Green and Serene" program being led by Ganga Action Parivar, founded by Pujya Swamiji.

This program is focusing in numerous areas, as the issues facing Mother Ganga and the environment are multi-faceted and complex. Some of the programs include:

  • 6T's Program:
    • Toilets, to provide proper sanitation
    • Trash, to provide solid waste management & recycling
    • Trees, to help clean and restore the environment
    • Taps, to provide clean drinking water
    • Tracks, to “green” one of India’s most vital networks which connects the entire country
    • Tigers, to protect India’s endangered wildlife
  • National Ganga Rights Act, to establish a National Act which will guarentee Mother Ganga and Her tributaries their rights to remain pristine and free-flowing
  • Green Pilgrimages, to "green" and clean India's sacred pilgrimage areas and the routes used to reach them
  • I-WASH Alliance, bringing together the world's faiths with NGOs, corporations and governments to enhance public health through improved water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and education
  • World Heritage Site - advocating for the Upper Ganga Region to be declared a World Heritage Site, and thus be protected from unsustainable development and instead developed in eco-friendly, sustainable ways that are in harmony with nature
  • Solar India Plan, to advocate for alternative, sustainable, eco-friendly methods of generating electricity such as solar and wind

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