Veerpur - Rural Development

IHRF is running a rural development program in a town called Veerpur, on the banks of the Ganges, three kilometers south of Rishikesh. The following are components of the rural development program:

Water facilities – Although the town lies on the banks of the Ganga River, most people had no running water or water for their farms. We dug a boring well and have brought running water to this village.

Tree plantation program - A massive tree plantation program has begun in the village of Veerpur, as well as the nearby village of Kunau. In the monsoon season of 2012 alone, over 2,400 trees and medicinal plants were planted in this area, providing the local communities with much-needed shade and valuable fruits and medicines, as well as helping to restore the environment, mitigate erosion, keeps Ganga's banks clean and create a fresh "oxygen bank" in the area.

Construction of a proper road in the village

Organic Gardening program – We have started a special organic farming program as well. We have brought in trained organic farmers and scientists to teach the local farmers alternative, chemical-free methods of farming. Further, we will have a special “buy back” program with them where we will buy back from them all of their crops. In addition, the ashram at Veerpur has its own organic farm.

Gaushala - The Veerpur ashram runs a small gaushala (cow shelter), providing proper care and shelter for approximately 40 cows.

Women’s Vocational training program

Sewage Control and Sanitation programs – We have laid sewage lines in the village and constructed toilets for the villagers so that no pollution goes into Ganga.

Spirituality and Culture – We have started an evening devotional ceremony there on the banks of the Ganges, called Aarti. It is a way for the villagers to come together in a spirit of peace, culture & piety.

Gurukul/orphanage – The second of the three gurukuls/orphanages is here in Veerpur, and we have plans to open an orphanage for girls here as well.

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